Our Approach

The Incentive Innovations approach never loses sight of the fact that incentives are simply a means to an end - the end being goal achievement.

As marketing people, we understand channels of distribution, budget planning, forecasting, return on investment, etc. As travel people, we understand the finesse of site selection, program delivery, group dynamics and the unique nature of travel as a reward. Equally important is a total understanding of the socio-economics, demographics and importance of perceptions among your participants. We know how to offer an experience rather than a just a trip.

Vital to the success of an Incentive Travel Program is a well-planned and executed communications/promotion campaign. As part of our service, we offer a complete awareness of the motivation program, involving trip-related mailings, premiums, merchandise, etc. It's all geared to motivate toward goal accomplishment. To painting a star and convincing people that it's within their reach...and reaching it is well worth the effort it takes. For when it's reached, they are in for the experience of a lifetime.


First we seek to understand your current business environment and what you hope to accomplish through incentives. What behaviors do you want to change, improve or adapt to the current business situation? It can be something very quantifiable such as sales goals or production, or perhaps something a little more esoteric. Whatever you envision as your future state, we seek to make sure that your incentive program will be an effective tool to get you there!


Once we understand where you want to go, we determine realistic, attainable, clear and quantifiable objectives for the program. We believe the goals should be simple, equitable, achievable and motivational in that they can't detract from something else or create other, unexpected outcomes.


It must be extraordinary and it must be matched to the specific demographics of the participants. It must also be affordable, paid for out of a percentage of the incremental profits that the program generates.


The objective of the promotion program is to convert the maximum of potential qualifiers to actual qualifiers. The strategy we use is to generate enthusiasm by creating and offering a program that simply can't be duplicated. This is the sizzle.


This is the steak. If travel is part of the incentive plan, we deliver a unique travel experience, not a trip. We believe your guests have earned the travel experience and they have a right to expect the very best. If other forms of incentives are part of the reward and recognition plan, we make sure that it is done with the bottom line focus you require as a business entity; while providing real motivation for the customers, agents or employees. With this blend of imagination, creativity, luxury, surprises and personal touches you can be sure the program will be a success!


No program is complete without measuring the results! We always incorporate post-program survey and analysis so that we can truly measure success and identify areas for improvement.